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An Interview with Patrick

Meet Patrick, Rōnin’s accomplished chef, whose culinary journey embarked at the age of 18.  Willed by his desire to showcase his dedication to the craft of omakase, Patrick appreciates the taste of every ingredient and considers how different compilations can create unique dishes that are as exquisite in taste as they are pleasing to the sight.

Q: Where did your culinary journey begin?

A: I embarked on my culinary odyssey at Kura, an exquisite Japanese restaurant housed within the prestigious One World Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Under the wings of Executive Chef Hideaki Nakajima, I honed my skills and over the span of three years, went from the foundational duties of dishwashing to mastering the nuances of the kitchen and taking centre stage within the team.

Continuing to develop my craft, after Kura, I wanted to delve deeper into the unending depths of Japanese cuisine. This led me to cross paths with Chef Kuni Kuwabara, a sushi virtuoso who led the team at Tenjin, Grand Millennium Hotel. Under his guidance, I continued to develop my skills while personalising my own menu to curate my own omakase experience.

Q: Where did the inspiration for Rōnin come from?

A: At the heart of my culinary inspiration stands my partner and greatest supporter, Cindy, who initially had little love for sushi and held a dislike towards raw fish. Every dish is meticulously crafted and must gain her approval before it appears on our “menu”. Her influence has played a pivotal role in shaping the taste of Rōnin. As she aptly once said, “If I find delight in your sushi, rest assured it will be enjoyed by everyone.”

Q: What makes Rōnin unique?

Flavour, hospitality, and ambience.

chef Patrick

A: We wish to spark joy in our customers, with our food and through our interactions. In contrast to restaurants where the chef largely remains unseen, our open kitchen is designed to eliminate that sense of distance. Personally, I find immense pleasure in connecting with diners. Rōnin is designed to be an engaging environment. We want to create an experience where our diners can unwind and enjoy a food journey with just the right touch of homely comfort.

Q: What is your vision for Rōnin?

A: At Rōnin, my aspiration has always been to create an experience where patrons can revel in the joys of a relaxed dining environment. I wish to cultivate a sense of ease and spread a sense of inviting warmth. I hope those who visit Rōnin feel that they are not simply going to another restaurant, they should feel as if they are partaking in a meal at the home of a close friend.